Kachhi Canal Project Contract No. KC-04 (DG Khan-Punjab)

This is a mega Kachhi Canal project, which envisaged irrigation to thousands of acres of Baluchistan’s parched lands. The Kachhi Canal project comprises construction of around 500-kilometer long lined main canal; of which 300 km lies in Punjab and 200 km is in Baluchistan.

Name of Work Kachhi Canal Project Contract No. KC-04
Country Pakistan
Employer Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)
Government of Pakistan
Scope of Work i. Excavation for Canal 28 ,029,455 cum
ii. Canal Lining 644, 759 cum
iii. Major Structures 23 No’s
iv. Embankment Filling 7,055,577 cum
v. Village Road Bridges 14 No’s
vi. AR+DR Bridges 9 No’s
Date of Award June, 2005
Date of Completion November, 2017