Kachhi Canal Project Contract No. KC-6A (Sui-Baluchistan)

This is a mega Kachhi Canal project, which envisaged irrigation to thousands of acres of Baluchistan’s parched lands. The Kachhi Canal project comprises construction of around 500-kilometer long lined main canal; of which 300 km lies in Punjab and 200 km is in Baluchistan.

Name of Work Kachhi Canal Project Contract No. KC-6A
Country Pakistan
Employer Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

Government of Pakistan

Scope of Work i. Canal Excavation 11.66 Million cum
ii . District Road Bridge  No.
iii. Village Road Bridge 3 No.
iv. Embankment Filling 6.90 Million cum
Date of Award March, 2006
Date of Completion December, 2013