Chairman’s Message

SMADB Group of Companies once a dream has shaped into an absolute reality. This has taken an enduring over 47 years of conviction and untiring efforts to see it grow into a group with one of the biggest market clientage within and abroad. The company has seen transformation from conventional to state of the art and highly demanding mechanized construction.

It is an era of scientific achievements where hearts and minds are controlled by the machines. Yet, we stand tall to maintain our composure through dedicated services to our clients and winning their love and satisfaction. Needles to say it makes us feel very relaxed and proud.

SMADB has always been in fore front to take up the jobs with a cause and a service to humanity and the nation of Pakistan. We are privileged to have executed projects of Irrigation, Water Supply & Sanitation, Dams, Road & Highways, & Buildings with trend setting performance. We have diversified our field of Civil Engineering Construction towards Industries also in order to boost up the Industrial growth and Economy of the Country.

We have always been strong believers in dedicated work and expect our next generation and the generations after to strive positively in the direction of modernization and expansion with the primary focus on quality work within the scheduled time.

I take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all the staff of SMADB Group of Companies for their dedicated efforts and professional excellence in meeting the stringent, demanding and extra ordinary work requirements to the entire satisfaction of the Clients.