We take privilege to introduce our Construction Company M/s. Sardar Mohammad Ashraf D. Baluch (Pvt.) Ltd (SMADB) a leading Construction Company of Pakistan involved in Civil Engineering construction business for more than 47 years.

SMADB is registered with PEC in C-A Category (No Limit) and has successfully completed number of major Projects amounting to Billions of Rupees relating to Water & Power Development Authority, Karachi Development Authority, Karachi Water & Sewerage Board, Highways Department, Public Health Engineering Department, Irrigation & Power Department, National Highways Authority and other Government Organizations.

SMADB has come a long way to symbolize commitment, distinction and professional excellence by meeting the stringent, demanding and extra ordinary work requirements of the clients. SMADB has undertaken prestigious projects of high engineering, national and international importance involving civil and mechanical.

The ever increasing efforts towards attaining better and new business ventures have exposed the company to multitude of engineering disciplines. Now it is company’s prerogative to be working in Aviation, Irrigation, Dams, Highways, Building, and Water Supply & Sewerage.

SMADB boasts and claims to have a reputation of company delivering the projects ahead of schedule. This has consolidated trust and confidence with our business entrepreneur. The repetition of orders we have been getting from the clients is a touchstone of their reliance in SMADB and clear emblem of the comfort extended by us.

SMADB enjoys the reputation of being a trend setter in the ever expanding arena of irrigation & highways in the last 10 years and has earned respect and reputation of being most recognized name in the market. SMADB has added value through a useful engineering contribution towards the concept of development of irrigation and highways infrastructure viz-a-viz other disciplines.

SMADB having thrown its weight abroad has been successful in maintaining the balance and secure jobs of high engineering and financial value. Today we stand tall and firm over the strong foundation of reputation and trust with a high value and numbers of human resources which give us a distinctive edge over the competitors in the market.