SMADB is very conscious about Environmental Policy in and around the Project area. Environment around construction area is certainly influenced during construction period. The main sources of unfavorable effect and pollution to surrounding environment comes mainly from all activities of all members of workforce during construction period of project and the direct sources will be unreasonable action to flora and fauna, construction waste water, exhausted gases, noise, floating dust from construction plant & equipment, construction garbage, domestic waste water and waste and etc. Aiming at above mentioned unfavorable sources, SMADB is very particular in taking relevant measures at the utmost to decrease adverse effects and pollution to surrounding environment during the construction period.

SMADB requires all his project managements to implement projects in such a manner that will cause minimum temporary and permanent disfigurement to the existing natural beauty and amenities of the area where a project exists and especially to prevent any unnecessary disturbance and damage to the existence and condition of forested areas, the fauna living within the site area, rivers and streams. It is imperative for all the Project Managers to educate all members of workforce to comply with the national and local pertinent laws, by-laws and stipulations regarding environment protection.