Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Safety first and Precaution prior is the principle of safety management permanently persisted by SMADB. For all personnel, in all directions during all processes, in all weathers, enhancing safety management, establishing a good labor situation, ensuring personal health and safety are our criteria.

Safety Control Manager at every project is responsible for ensuring safety measures such as traffic sign boards, speed limits, adequate lighting at site of work, flag men for directing the traffic etc.

In executing the work, we provide working conditions on each operation that shall be as safe and not injurious to health as the nature of that operation permits. All the works are performed in accordance with applicable local and national laws, codes, requirements and regulations including safety, health, welfare of persons and others.

We, during the entire period of operations at the Site, provide emergency facilities with adequate medical and surgical equipment for first aid treatment and approved qualified personnel to administer such treatment to all injured persons, including the Employer’s and Engineer’s personnel

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