Kachhi Canal Project Contract No. KC-6C (Sui-Baluchistan)

This is a mega Kachhi Canal project, which envisaged irrigation to thousands of acres of Balochistan’s parched lands. The Kachhi Canal project comprises construction of around 500-kilometre long lined main canal; of which 300km lies in Punjab and 200km is in Balochistan.

Name of Work Kachhi Canal Project Contract No. KC-6C
Country Pakistan
Employer Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

Government of Pakistan

Scope of Work i. Earthwork 943, 063 cum
ii. Concrete Lining 28,312 cum
iii. Head Regulators 11 No’s
iv. Super Passages 3 No’s
v. Syphons 3  No’s
vi. Distributaries 12 No’s
vii. Glacis Falls 92 No’s
viii. Vertical Falls 23 No’s
ix. Pipe Outlets 108 No’s
x. Tailrace Structure 12 No’s
Date of Award August, 2007
Date of Completion December, 2013