Nai Gaj Dam Project (Dadu-Sindh)

Nai Gaj Dam is an embankment dam on the Gaj River in the gorge area at the edge of Kirthar Mountains range at about 65 km (40 miles) north-west of Dadu city in Dadu District, Sindh Province of Pakistan.

Location: The Nai Gaj Dam Project is being constructed aross Nai Gaj River, at latitude 26º 52’N and longitude 68º 19’E and is located 65 Km North-West of Dadu City in Sindh Province.

Project Aerial View

Name of Work Nai Gaj Dam Project Dadu – Sindh
Country Pakistan
Employer Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)
Scope of Work Main Dam (194 ft)
Dam Type
1,135 M (Length) 59 M (Height)
Earth Core Rock Fill Dam
Gross Storage Capacity
Live Storage Capacity
300,000 AF
16,000 AF
Bulk Excavation
Rock Excavation
3,215,212 cum
8,563,944 cum
Steel Reinforcement 19,164 Tons
Concrete Lining 56,620 cum
Earthen Dykes 9 No.
Main Canal (10.53 Cumecs) 6.56 Km
Distributaries 2 No 33 Km
Minors 3 No 30 Km
Spill way Structure 16,990 Cumecs
Access Roads 19 Km
Date of Award April, 2012
Date of Completion