Kachhi Canal Project Contract No. KC-04B

This is a mega Kachhi Canal project and additional work of Contract KC-04

Name of Work: Kachhi Canal Project Contract No. KC-04B
Country: Pakistan
Employer: Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)
Government of Pakistan
Scope of Work:
Following major Additional Works of Contract KC-04 are included but not limited to under this Contract:
-Earthwork Excavation and Canal Lining in the Earthen Plugs of Main Kachhi Canal at Different locations from RD 106+000 to RD 530+400.
 Scope of Work: i. Village Road Bridge 04 No’s
ii . Foot Bridges Cum Pipe Crossings 25 No’s
iii. Culvert under R/S Approach Ramp at RD 106+375 01 No.
Date of Award: February, 2017
Date of Completion: December, 2017